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Our Cruise Tips

If you are new to cruise, or even a cruise addict, there are tips to ensuring you get the right cruise for you.  Our first tip – and its the biggest – Research.

Ocean Escapes will assist you with this, because we believe its of the upmost importance to ensure you get the right ship and experience.

* Big, fun filled ship vs a smaller, intimate vessel – which would suit you?

* Cheap & cheerful or all inclusive? Often while a cheap ticket sounds attractive, once you add up all your drinks, shore excursions etc, often a fully inclusive cruise can actually work out very similar, and it means for a more relaxing cruise.

* Whats important to you onboard?  Broadway shows or a classical trio at cocktails? Multiple dining venues, or a few select, upmarket options? Do you want a casual ambience.. or the chance to dress up on occasion on formal nights?

It may seem daunting, but with our help, we will ensure you will get the very best possible cruise experience.

Now.. once your cruise is booked, whats the small things that can help the holiday go smoothly?

* Check your passport – nearly all cruise lines require at least 6 months validity after your cruise ends, and also check with Ocean Escapes if your itinerary needs any visa’s to ensure these are actioned in plenty of time.

* Pack wisely.  Many ships have laundry (be it administered by crew or self service) so don’t overpack. Make sure the important stuff is there – comfy shoes for exploring, a light jacket, togs and a coverup, easy care clothing for days & nights onboard.

* Check the voltage onboard – most are US, EU or Australian/NZ. Taking an adaptor and a multiboard – great for charging multiple devices in one place. Also, pop your phone on flight mode onboard – no one wants a horrific roaming rate when you are out at sea.

* Ensure you carry any medication in your hand luggage.  On the day of embarkation – your luggage will be whisked away by the porters and delivered to your cabin later that day. So pack anything you need in those first few hours onboard in your carry on – pack the togs and sunscreen and head to the pool!

* Check out any drinks, spa, dining or shore excursion packages you can pre-purchase. These are often cheaper than buying individually when onboard

* Some cruise lines allow BYO – so check out if this is possible as this will save you some spending money. Usually this is for in cabin consumption only.

* Magnets. Ship cabin walls are metal – so many find bringing a few of these along (or buying a few souveniers) are handy to pin up the days activity sheet or other information.

* Always carry the ships information with you ashore. In case of emergency in a foreign land this will assist you no end to get back.  And on that note – always, always get back by the time the ship says you are to be back. The ship will not wait and no one wants to be that person running down the gangway attempting to flag down a ship.

*Skip the buffet restaurant on the first day – it’s always crowded. Seek out an alternative dining option that is open and relax.

* Download the cruise app. Many cruise lines now have an app which will have the days activities, they may offer restaurant bookings, and some let you order food and drinks to your location – how cool is that?

Last, but not least.. relax. You can do as little, or as much as you want on a cruise.  This is your holiday,
enjoy your Ocean Escape.