Why choose a Luxury Cruise & how to pick which one

On face value, luxury cruise appear expensive, but are they really? We share our insights.

Luxury cruises.. you may them by name (think Silversea, Ponant, Seabourn, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Uniworld to name a few), but you have always thought they are expensive, out of your reach, and how do you really pick between them?

Many of the traditional luxury cruise ships share a similar profile: high space-to-guest ratios throughout the ship; and large cabins (which are usually referred to as suites) that include balconies, spacious marble bathrooms. Fine linens, brand name toiletries, fine china, crystal clear glassware, top ingredients… all part of the pleasure of sailing on a luxury cruise.

Common considerations when it comes to luxury cruise lines are:

We won’t lie.. they do cost more, but like so many things, you get what you pay for, and, with luxury cruises, this shows in the best possible way.  Most luxury brands will offer larger cabins and suites, personalised service and perhaps most important when looking at the spend, is all inclusivity.  The luxury cruise line model is based on inclusive fares, without the “nickel and diming” that mainstream lines can often feel like.  While each company defines ‘all inclusive’ a bit differently, we often show our clients how to compare.  For instance, shore excursions, drinks, specialty dining.. these can all add up to a substantial charge at the end of your cruise. With luxury lines, generally these are all included (some companies such as Regent Seven Seas include ALL their shore excursions), so while an upfront cruise fare may look high, delve deeper into the value you will receive.

Formal.. or informal onboard? 
Upscale travel does not have to equate to a formal or stuffy atmosphere. Many cruisers wish to pair exquisite, top-notch service in an intimate setting with a comfortable and casual onboard vibe. Yacht cruises feel homey yet elegant; choose a yacht-style ship if you prefer to avoid stringent dress codes and scheduled dinner seatings. If you do prefer a formal cruise for your holiday, then look towards lines such as Silversea Cruises with their exquisite butler services for all suites.

Service onboard
Unquestioned is the fantastic level of service you will receive onboard. With a high staff to guest ratio, in simple terms there are less passengers for busy crew to attend to, so everyone is treated like a VIP. They will address you by name, or remember your favourite drink when you arrive at the bar, and will always go out of their way to make your holiday experience stress free.  If this is what you like on a holiday, you will not be disappointed. 

So which cruise line should I pick? 
We have listed some of the highlights for each brand below. This is not a full list, but it does highlight key features, and what may be important to you.

Silversea Cruises
* Ultra Luxury – a more formal luxury experience.
* All suite accommodation
* Free-flowing premium wines and spirits
* Full butler service for every suite
* Gratuities included

* French owned, elegant style
* Fine wines, including French champagne included
* Modern, minimalist design
* Gratuities included

* We have nearly one staff member to each guest, staff will remember guest names
* Seabourn Moments – designed to surprise & delight guests
* Each suite includes a Personal Suite Host and Suite Attendant
* Welcome Champagne & complimentary in-suite bar stocked with your preferences
* Gratuities included

Regent Seven Seas Cruises
* All suite accommodation with walk in wardrobe and spacious bathrooms
* Free-flowing premium wines and spirits, complimentary stocked mini bar with your preferences
* All Shore Excursions included (some premium tours are still charged)
* Gratuities included
* All specialty dining included

* No children under 18 permitted
* You can BYO wine onboard, with no surcharge to take it to dinner
* Wine, beer, soft drinks served complimentary at lunch and dinner
* 1 Shore excursion included in every port
* Gratuities included