Important: NZ Arrival Documentation now digital

Travellers arriving into all New Zealand international airports now have the option to complete a digital declaration instead of a paper arrival card, before travelling to New Zealand.

The App can be downloaded in the Apple Store or Google Play. 








It is free and it will take approximately 10 minutes to fill in. It is okay if you take longer.

You don’t need to upload any documents such as proof of vaccination status or print anything out.

You can complete your declaration while you are travelling. The earliest you can submit your declaration is 24 hours before departing for New Zealand.

If you are travelling long-haul (on multiple flights without a stopover), you can submit your declaration 24 hours before the first leg of your journey.

Once you have started your declaration, you will be emailed a reference number that you can use to review, complete or make changes to your declaration.

You will need to resubmit your declaration if you make any changes to it.

Your declaration will automatically be checked at passport control when you scan your passport at the eGate or when it is checked by a border officer on arrival into New Zealand.

Please note the mobile app is not available in the China region. Travellers located in China can complete their declaration on the New Zealand Traveller Declaration website.

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